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TIP: CSS Background Reference


Use this as a general guide when editing your background. Every time you use another property it will change your theme making it unique. To learn more about CSS click here.

CSS Background Properties:

  • background
  • background-attachment
  • background-color
  • background-image
  • background-position
  • background-repeat
  • background-clip
  • background-origin
  • background-size

How to Change Every K2 Header (Title) Font Color at Once

Finished Look:

This is what your blog will look like.

Go to:

Dashboard / Appearance / Editor / style.css


.entry-title, .entry-title a, .entry-title a:visited,
h2, h2 a, h2 a:visited,
h3, h3 a, h3 a:visited,
h4, h4 a, h4 a:visited {
color: red;

Back End Example:

Your dashboard should look something like this.

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