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How to Make Your Banner (Header) a Link

This tutorial will help you turn your banner into a link by editing the header.php file. Most sites use this as a convenience for visitors helping them navigate back to the home page.

Finished Look:

The highlighted section will be a link to your chosen URL.

Go to:

wp-content / themes  / k2 / header.php

Scroll to around line 38 and you should see this code <div id=”header”>. Replace this code with the one below.


<div id=”header” role=”banner” onclick=”location.href=’http://www.YOURDOMAINHERE!!!.com/’;” style=”cursor: pointer;”>

Back End Example:

Your header.php file should look something like this.


How to Change Your K2 Header (Banner) Image


When using a child theme you can place the banner image in your custom theme’s ‘headers‘ folder. Each child theme should have an ‘images‘ and ‘headers’ folder. For more on child themes click here.


Create a header image that you want to use for your site.


Images of exactly 780 × 200 pixels will be used as-is. Create your banner that size and you will not have to crop it when you upload.

It’s a good idea to customize the rest of your site to complement the banner after its finished.

Go to:

Dashboard / Appearance / Header

  • Upload your custom header from your computer
  • Choose if you would like to display text (title and description).
  • If you chose to display text insert your color.

Back End Example:

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